Years ago, on a day when I was feeling pretty discouraged
an older woman I knew gave me a little wooden plaque
with the picture of a funny little person with his scuba
gear. The look on his face said that he wasn’t sure about
which way to go, but the message was just to “KEEP
As I work these 12 Steps, there are MANY times when I am
confused with life and want to give up because of negative
messages that I’ll never have recovery. Fortunately, my
Higher Power, my fellows, my daily readings, all remind
me that if I keep going, keep working the steps, keep
admitting my powerlessness over food and life, I receive
the encouragement to KEEP SWIMMING!!! If I will keep
treading water, moving forward, and trust that what has
worked for others will work for me, I WILL see the
promises of Recovery. If I keep doing the next right action,
pray for guidance and not give in to the obsession, I can,
and will, reach the serenity that comes with this program.
The moral of this little story: “KEEP SWIMMING”!