Looking for the Footprints of Higher Power (God)

Coming into this program, I thought that I had an idea of what I was searching for… I wanted to lose 100 lbs., feel better about myself, and find some peace and serenity in my life. I had NO IDEA the journey that I was setting out on, or the miracles that would happen. As I look back on the past 18 months, I realize that, for the most part, I have somehow found two out of those three things that I was looking for and the most important was a re-awakening of a relationship with this Higher Power that is more powerful than I could ever imagine.
I have always had what I would call a strong faith, but it was more of a surface belief that, if I did the “right thing” then I would be rewarded. I have come to see and understand a new realization of the ways this Higher Power shows up in my life everyday of my life… the trick is whether I choose to recognize those places that occur daily.
• It happens when I see those “holy coincidences” that happen without any of MY direction and planning.
• It happens when I listen to others who are further along in this program so that my hope will be renewed.
• It happens when I accept life as it comes and see that “it is what it is” for a reason, and then looking for what I need to learn from it.
• It happens when I see the power in this community of persons who are vulnerable and willing to be honest.
• It happens when I reach out to another person when I am on a low ebb, and in that reaching out, I find the comfort that I used to look for in food.
• It happens when I read a message in the Big Book that I absolutely need to hear at that moment.
• It happens when I step aside and allow this Higher Power to lead me and guide me to the next step.
• It happens when I recognize that I do not need to have all the answers… I only must trust that I will be shown the next step in the journey.
I am grateful for being led to this community that is often more honest and real than any other community I have experienced before. It is such a relief to believe, at least most of the time, that God will work it out the way it should work out. I am GRATEFUL….