Working through Step 7

What are my character defects? I don’t mean the list including selfishness, control and jealousy. I mean what are they? What do they mean to me? They are my weapons and my shields. My offense and my defense. They help me keep people at arm’s length before they can hurt me. Kill or be killed. As I work the steps, I find I don’t need these characteristics any longer. As long as I trust in God as my Higher Power to love me and guide me, I don’t need the shields and I don’t want the weapons. I want to be humble, not prideful. Generous, not envious. Empathetic, not judgmental. And have faith, not control. My defects were my solutions to real and perceived problems before I started working the steps. Through these steps and my OA fellows, I can see a better way of living. I don’t have to project my fears on to others. I don’t have to assume I know what they think of me or even be concerned about it. I care what my Higher Power thinks of me and I know it’s good. I only need to be concerned with what His will is for me. I ask God to take away, relieve me from my defects of character so that I can live the life He wants for me and live as an example of His love, compassion and grace.