“If people in this program love us, it is not for our strength, but for our weakness and our willingness to share that with others.”  – Our Invitation to You. Overeaters Anonymous

Asking for help is something I have had to nurture. I have pride surrounding my competence to handle life or sticky situations.  Yet in reality, there are multiple occasions where I just don’t do it, or what I do is poorly done because I do it on my own. 

Somehow, I have bought into some standard somewhere that asking for help is a sign of weakness or failure on my part. I wonder if it is a societal thing that I have picked up that asking for help somehow subjugates me to another. 

My reluctance to ask for help manifests itself in not wanting to feel “a burden” or maybe interrupting someone who is busy. 

The truth is that it is community in which strength is found. It is in reaching out in weakness that I offer someone else the opportunity to fulfill their mission. Especially in a 12 Step program, the act of helping someone who needs counsel is VITAL to recovery. So, by asking for help when I need it from others, there is an avenue for their further growth. 

When I am weak, others are strong. When I am struggling, others can offer me support. When I am in fear, others can give me hope. When I am spinning, others can offer me a clear path. 

We then further strengthen our recovery web together!

May we find connection in our journey through life today.